Most Diverse Steel Window & Door Manufacturer

Most Diverse Manufacturer of Steel Windows and Doors

Since 1985, Optimum Window has made its mark in the Steel Window industry as the largest and most diversified manufacturer of Steel Windows and Doors in the United States. Competitiveness being the drive for all entrepreneurs, Optimum has continued its growth with a series of custom high-tech metal window and door systems designed for commercial, high-end residential and landmark applications.

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modern steel windows and doors


Optimum continues to work with architects who require custom designs for their applications, bringing performance and structural excellence together with beauty and style, to make every idea a reality through the use of new computerized machinery. The fabrication includes Fire-Rated and Non-Rated steel windows and doors, an Aluminum window and door division, Bronze Alloy and Stainless Steel windows as well. All products are custom made per specifications and shop drawings.


We pride ourselves on custom making each unit as ordered in house at our upstate facility, ensuring that every piece features the unique perspective of each of our clients.

Making continuous strides in the fenestration industry has been a consistent goal of Optimum Window. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to maintain the quality, precision and craftsmanship our clients have come to depend on over the years.

Arch Steel CLINTON TOWNHOUSE RELIANT hot rolled steel windows


For over 30 years, Optimum has been creating works of art. It is through our Artisans on the shop floor; our extensive testing, and our research and development, that we have been able to pioneer some firsts in the steel window industry.

“Optimum delivers high performance and structural excellence together with beauty and style to make every idea a reality.”

– Candido Perez Sr. CEO