metro 680 series aluminum windows & doors

For over 16 years, Optimum Window has been manufacturing custom tilt and turn windows and terrace doors in our aluminum series. We have been committed to utilizing the latest in thermal technologies; such as insulating struts, commonly known as a thermal break.

As energy costs continue to rise, thermal performance is more important than ever. But it’s equally important to maintain structural integrity and the architect’s aesthetic vision. As such, the struts utilized provide more thermal, structural and aesthetic benefits than any other thermal break system, delivering unmatched flexibility for system design. For its fabrication, Optimum uses its new machining center to create the necessary holes and slots required for different types of hardware.

All of our units are meticulously and proudly produced in the USA. Our continued focus on custom hardware applications and our ability to offer custom powder coatings keeps our products in the forefront. Optimum is persistent in its efforts to continue to lead as an environmental company. Our aluminum windows and doors are manufactured using recycled aluminum. In addition we solidify our commitment by recycling all aluminum scrap.

Metro series aluminum windows



Min. Frame Dimension24" x 36"
Max. Frame Dimension60" x 96"

680 Tilt & Turn window

Aluminum Thermally broken tilt & Turn window

Key Features

  • Tested in accordance with ANSI/AAMA 101-93 HC40
  • Test results vary, consult with our technical support staff to obtain test results on the product of interest
  • 2 5/8” exterior frame depth
  • Insulbar thermal break (polyamide 6.6 reinforced fiberglass)
  • EPDM weather-stripping
  • Extruded tubular vent and frame members are mitered, corner keyed joinery
  • Weep system
  • Uniform sight lines
  • Principal Extrusion Thickness 0.075”
  • Glazed with extended aluminum glazing beads
  • 1” glazing infill can be stacked vertically and/or horizontally
  • Standard colors bronze and white baked enamel


  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Hardware
  • Limited operation stops