Go Green With Optimum


Go Green with Optimum

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For over 33 years, Optimum has been creating works of art. Its’ through our Artisans on the shop floor and our extensive testing, research and development that we have been able to pioneer some firsts in the Steel Window industry, such as:

  • Powder coating finishes
  • Extruded silicone weather stripping
  • Multi-point locks for both windows and doors
  • Thermally broken steel

We have been able to adapt to an ever-evolving world that continues to present us with new challenges. Energy-efficiency is at the forefront of our goals, as well as sustainability, recycling and reducing unnecessary waste. By applying advanced, environmentally-friendly paint finishes, new gasket technology and the use of multi-point locks as a standard, Optimum has raised the bar in energy-efficiency and overall window and door performance in the Steel Window industry.  With new developments, our team has been able to meet, or even exceed New York City’s newest energy codes for our architectural systems, staying at the forefront of intelligent design.

All of our rolled and formed products are produced from 100% recycled steel, allowing Optimum to proudly participate in conserving our world’s natural resources.

Due to its inherit strength and durability, custom projects utilizing steel outperform all other window and door framing material (vinyl, wood and aluminum). You no longer have to pay more for custom-made steel windows and doors. Optimum’s products are competitively priced and are produced in a timely manner. This combination allows for the dreams of designers and architects to become a reality.