Fire-Rated Steel Windows & Doors

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Optimum has revolutionized the construction industry by offering the most comprehensive line of fire-rated steel windows and doors. With fire-ratings ranging from 45 to 90 minutes, Optimum’s Fire-Rated Windows are put through rigorous testing. Initially, a “heat test” is performed, where-in the window is exposed to temperatures up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Fire-Rated Windows also endure the “Hose Stream Test”, in which the glass holds fast even during this extreme change in temperature. When other windows made from materials such as aluminum, vinyl and wood are placed under these extreme conditions, they will poorly react in a Thermal Shock. Optimum Fire-Rated windows will hold their integrity.

Fire Rated FR4700 Fire Rated FR6000 Fire Rated 7650TDH Fire Rated FR8600 Fire Rated FR7650TSH Fire Rated FR7600TSS Fire Rated FR55


  • From 20 to 90 Minute Fire-Rating
  • Produced in Cold-Rolled and Hot-Rolled Steel
  • As Low as .42 U Value
  • Energy Efficient (NFRC RATED)
  • Self-Closing Mechanism on Operable Units
  • Factory Glazed Finish
  • Standard Powder Coat Paint Finish